Custom-made banners are one of the most affordable advertising methods and are great for any type of social and business events. Even though vinyl banners made by PA Signs are made with high-quality materials, and are meant to last, you can prolong its longevity by having good cleaning and storage practices.

Get the Most out of Your Custom Banners with Proper Care and Maintenance

Here are some useful tips from our professionals so you can get the most out of your custom banners and have a cost-effective marketing product for many years to come:

  • Under any circumstances do not fold the banner!
  • When you roll your custom banner, make sure that design is on the inside.
  • Always make sure your banner is not wet before you roll it up.
  • When you store your banner, make sure that it is in a cool, dry location.
  • If your banner gets dirty, clean it with a soft towel before storing it.
  • Avoid using a rubber band to secure the banner roll, as this will cause creases.
  • Never use harsh substances on your custom banner.
  • Avoid having your banners contact solvents like acetone, alcohol, gasoline, or paint thinner.

Custom Banners

Contact the Real Signage Professionals in Colorado and Stand out with Smart Advertising Products

When you need to purchase custom banners for your business in Colorado, make sure to choose a professional graphic design company like PA Signs so you get a long-lasting and premium quality product. Always remember that cheaper products can fade and fall apart.

PA Signs manufactures high-quality signage products with high-end technology and the most qualified designers and installers. We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about our custom signs and contact us today so we can get in touch with you and work together as a team to design, manufacture, and install attractive signs for your business in Colorado.